Rumah Lama Cafe

First impression just went out of the window (especially for my parents) when we went there ourselves one evening. It was unfortunate that we were there during a punk+skinhead (very loud and unrecognizable shouts… err, singing) gathering so you could imagined the shock that my 50ish parents felt while entering the place. Personally I’m not that bothered because I do know that the place has a somewhat open mike concept (and a supposedly cultural dance performance every Saturday) but really, it is a bit inappropriate and I was somewhat embarrassed because I was the one that had suggested the place. The eatery was no doubt unique (there’s an actual old house within the said premise, where you could chill out with friends and family in a more laid back setting, other than the usual dining hall outside) but that pretty much got overshadowed by the latter event. I guess I can understand the business side of the situation but I also think that they do need to be more selective as well. I mean, most of the people patronizing the eatery were families with little kids.

Another thing that people seemed to comment about the place (unanimously no less) was the pricing of the food, which was on the expensive side. I personally don’t mind high prices just as long as the food was worth it. Unfortunately the food was just so-so at best. We’d ordered their Ikan Masak 3 Rasa (which was a bit overpowering with… something), Deep Fried Prawns (the flour tasted weird though) and their Kangkung Masak Belacan (which resembles the fish in taste for some reason – same wok maybe?) to go with our rice. But don’t just take my word for it. You guys can try them for yourselves at their eatery at Jalan Masjid (right next to a Michelin tyre store and a car wash).

** Current status – Has been closed (as of July 2018) 

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