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Happy April Fools Day everybody! Rest assured however that nothing about this next post is so-called ‘deceiving’ as this place is as ‘authentic’ as it can be (get it? No? Well… Moving on then…). I’ve notice quite recently that this eatery has been getting a lot of likes within Facebook, particularly for their specialty ice coffee drinks. Now as I was somewhat ‘exposed’ to quite a number of similar beverages as of late, I was a bit skeptical coming to the place. But then again I just got to know what is so special about it so I practically dragged my partner to the place one afternoon. Oh and by the way, the cafĂ© is located at the newly built single row shops right next to Giant Hypermarket called 1Arena Commercial Centre (or is it BDC Commercial Centre? I’m confused by the signage though).

We were quite lucky to have arrived during brunch time so the place was still pretty empty (but it took around 10 minutes after we’d arrived for the place to be packed with people). So since I have no idea what to order, I just randomly picked out the Milo Monster Kaw Kaw drink from the menu and when it came to my table a few minutes later, I was truly blown away… by the size of the drink! I mean, you can’t probably see it from the picture below but all I can tell you was that there’s a reason why their ice-blended drinks costs around RM5.50 and up (it’s big by normal standard). And the taste was not disappointing as well. It’s refreshing and delicious to boot. No wonder people were raving about them! We also tried out some of their food (we’d ordered their Nasi Goreng Nenas and Kuey Teow Goreng) but it was only average at best in both taste and service. Choices of food were also not as extensive as their drinks, maybe because they’re playing by their strength.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of April 2016)  

Updated on 23/05/2016 - I've also tried out their Nasi Goreng Tom Yam recently and although the taste was okay and 'tom yam'-ly, there still seems to be something lacking in my personal opinion

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