Corner No.5 Cafe

We actually discovered this next place by accident while looking for a place to give one of my dear colleagues a somewhat farewell lunch. The colleague will be moving back to Peninsular Malaysia after years in Tawau so even though there are 5 of us, we still can’t seem to decide on a place to eat. We eventually ended up at the lower ground floor of Tawau’s beloved mall, the Eastern Plaza when we spotted this new cafe. It’s sandwiched between two other eateries (one being the Cafe 3 Puteri) and is right in front of the Estrella's Homemade Cafe.

Looking back, I think one of the reasons that made us choose the eatery was probably the décor heavy café feel that’s practically oozing from the place. So many places in Tawau nowadays had gone for the modern café look and this place was no exception. The menu can be described as 70% western food with 30% local dishes, which I guess coincides with the theme of the café. We ordered some local cuisines like Nasi Lemak Ayam (that was mine – I think it’s okay but not a fan of the chicken), Nasi Lalap Ayam (the sambal was pretty good) and Keropok Lekor (you can clearly taste the fish within the keropok – which was awesome) while another two of my friends ordered western food such as Chicken Fillet with Fries (same old, same old according to my friend), Chicken Fillet Spaghetti (my colleague seemed to love it) and some Baby John Chicken Fillet (again, I think it’s okay at best but some of my friends actually gave it their thumbs ups). Oh and just so you guys know, some of the pictures below were actually taken from my friends ‘personal snapshots’ since my not-so-smart phone ran out off battery midway through lunch.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of June 2019) 

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