Siang Siang Noodles & Coffee House

This is another food joint in Tawau that I’ve noticed for years but never actually got the chance to try them out yet. Well, that obviously changed when my partner dragged me and my mom into the eatery recently because he was in need of something different to munched on after the Hari Raya celebrations have died out. Their eatery’s location can be considered as strategic as well, what with it being in the middle of the Fajar Complex and right next to the Digi Main Customer Centre (the only one in Tawau so there’s no way for you to mistaken them for another Digi office).

Since it is our first time there, it took me a while to decide the food that I wanted to eat since to my delight, they have most of my favourite items on the menu (but do take note that the menu was not very extensive – yet). And despite their name, they did not just have noodles and coffees on their menu. Eventually I decided to tried out their Nasi Lemak Sambal (pretty good I must say – very Chinese version of the dish), mom decided on having their Nasi Goreng Lalap Ayam (mom said that the sambal was nice – which can be translated as ‘not too spicy’) while my partner ordered their Nasi Ayam Special (he said he picked that one out solely because of the bento box – but the taste was okay as well, nothing too great though). Obviously since they also had desserts and cakes on the menu, it would be a crime on my part should I ignored that so I’ve tried out their swiss rolls, mainly their Oreo and Marble Chocolate Cheese variety and I’m absolutely in love with them. The swiss rolls were soft (I think they’d produced their own cakes which was great) and not overly sweet which is also a major plus for me.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of December 2017) 

Updated on 17/10/2016 - Me and my family came recently and have a go at their Fried Mee Hoon (okay at best) and their namesake Siang Siang Pan Mian (my sister loved it!). But I've also tried out their Portuguese Egg Tart and it's a bit disappointing (it tasted bland and the egg filling was very little)

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