Telaga Indah Cafe

The first time I got wind of the term ‘shell out’ was when I was brought to this relatively new restaurant during a breaking fast early dinner by my dear partner. Like I’ve said in my previous post, we’d decided to stick mainly to bazaars as our prime source for food during this year’s fasting month for some ‘personal reasons’ (and yes, it has got something to do with ‘health’ and ‘wealth’ – or maybe the lack of them). For your info, the eatery is located right beside a newly opened Telaga Indah Hotel (a refurbished budget hotel) and in close proximity to the Tawau Terminal Bus and the infamous KFC Empire branch (trust me, everyone in Tawau knows where that is at).

I admit that I was curious when my partner sprouted out the term ‘shell out’ at me. But I was also a bit dismayed when I discovered that the ‘shell out’ involves mainly seafood (which if you’d paid enough attention to my earlier posts, I’m not really a fan of) but I’d decided to ‘soldiered on’ for my partner’s sake since he’d been very enthusiastic about it. The place offers 4 main sets for the ‘shell out’ menu (the differences lies within the choices of seafood that you would preferred – the rice, drinks and vegetable soup were otherwise included in all sets) and my partner decided to picked out the menu with a fish dish (Sweet & Sour Fish), a prawn dish (Butter Prawns), a clam dish (Boiled Clams) and a vegetable dish (Sayur Sawi Tumis). Nothing too mind blowing about the dishes though, everything was just so-so in taste. And I don’t know about you guys but I’m not the messy type when it comes to eating so the whole ‘shell out’ scene does not appeal to me that much (because they usually spread out everything on a wide piece of paper so you guys can share the food). But if you also have the same preferences as me, then do not worry since the place also provides other types of cook-to-order dishes.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2016) 

Updated on 05/05/2017 - We've dropped by recently and tried out their ala carte dishes this time. The Nasi Goreng USA and Nasi Lalap Ayam were good but not great.

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