Goat Heaven Cafe - Roti Bakar Teloq Meleleh

Okay you guys, stop laughing! But you have to admit that the name of the eatery can be considered as creative, since I can assure you that you’ll definitely remember them now right? And I said stop laughing already (chuckled…). Now in all seriousness, the place is shared by two food sellers (probably for rent purposes) so do not be confused if the sign at the outside of the eatery stated Roti Bakar Teloq Meleleh instead. The latter was from a popular Peninsular Malaysia originated franchise and apart from this one at Gaya Commercial Centre (it’s at the far end of the single row shops) there’s another one in the Fajar Complex area.

Me and my partner decided to stop by the place mainly because we’d gone to the Insmark Supermarket (that are next to it) and had gotten curious about this small establishment.

Now the food can be divided into two; the food from Goat Heaven Café (yes, I just loved typing that one out) and from the Roti Bakar stall. From the café, we’d ordered their Nasi Goreng Kampung and Nasi Goreng Daging. Funnily, the food came out almost exactly the same, apart from the anchovies (to highlight my ‘kampung’ order of course) and chunks of beef (for my partner’s ‘daging’). But despite that, the same-but-different fried rice was actually pretty tasty. It reminded me of kampong styled cooking for some reason. We’d also decided to share an order of the Egg Sausage sandwich from the Roti Bakar stall and even though I fairly like it, the chilli sauce can use a bit of toning down since it overwhelmed the dish. You literally tasted the chilli sauce and nothing else.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of July 2017) 

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