Borenos Fried Chicken Centre Point (KK FoodieVenture #57)

Again, I was hoping to do more foodie reviews from KK but since we have very limited time in between the short term course (and with provided breakfast & lunch buffet no less) I’ve only (barely) managed to go to two new eateries that coincidentally were my first patronage as well. This relatively new fast food joint (locally bred I presume?) had taken me by surprised since I’ve been patronizing the Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant (at the lower ground floors of Centre Point Shopping Mall) for years and was a bit baffled to find them gone and replaced by this unknown eatery.

Since it was our last night in KK, me and my colleague decided to give them a go (because it’s quite obvious that we won’t be able to do so after we’d gotten back to Tawau) so after a few minutes, we decided on their 2 pieces Chicken Meal (their take on the KFC ‘inspired’ meal set), Porridge Value Meal (their version of the McD’s meal maybe?) and some side order of Criss Cut Fries. Other than the fries (which were superb) the chicken meals were okay at best. They might not be beating KFC anytime soon but they’re not that far behind either in terms of taste. A slight peeved on our part might be on their service. While we do not have any problems with their front staff, their kitchen staff is in need of more help (I guess?) since it took them ages to prepare your orders. They had this unique system where you’ll be given a special device (see below pics) that will beep like crazy once your orders were ready to be picked up at the counter. That’s nice and all but it will be a much better experience if they did not take more than half an hour to prepare said meals. A Chinese family literally walked away without their orders due to the long wait (and it’s not even during peak hours).

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