Sipadan Cafe - Family Food & Drink House

I FINALLY have some time to update this humble blog of mine, after a hectic but short work related course (more on that later) as well as a 2 weeks worth of flu that followed suit soon after that. So since I’m feeling a bit better now (thank you for asking by the way… wink wink) I might as well squeezed in a couple of reviews especially those from my recent KK trip. I admit that even though I’ve visited Kota Kinabalu to unwind almost on a yearly basis, it’s actually quite rare for me to go there for work purposes. So let us start things off with a review before I’d actually stepped foot in KK. Where else people but... the Tawau Airport (cue in the dramatic music...).

Trust me when I say that major improvements have been made to the Tawau Airport eateries. It used to be so bad that nobody (and I mean, nobody) wanted to grabbed anything to eat from the airport and would rather have expensive-and-in-tiny-portioned meals served in-flights. But after revamping the place here and there and opening its doors to multiple new tenants, the place has somewhat came to life with new offerings. We decided to stop by the so-called ‘official’ café for the airport called Sipadan Café (or as the bill would later printed out, the 'Family Food & Drink House' - don't really know which one is the official name though). It’s on the first floor, right next to the main departure hall and near to the Air Asia ticketing office. Me and a colleague had some time to spare so we’d decided to tried out their Thailand Fried Rice with Egg (the fried rice tasted okay but ordinary though) and their Black pepper Chicken Rice (my colleague said that it’s surprisingly tasty but nothing to shout out). Couple that with two bottled drinks (that will probably cost you only 1/3 of the price that they’re charging us – outside of course), we’d barely managed to avoid eating more than our RM50 budget. It actually does not surprised me at all since that always seems to be the case when you’re dining in airports but at least I do hoped that they can improve on the taste of their dishes in the future.

** Current status - Still in operation (as of August 2016) 

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