Kantin Hafizah Dewan Masyarakat Tawau

Sometime last year, I have reviewed a kedai kopi near to where I’m currently staying called Kedai Kopi Hafizah 2. So if you are curious to find out more about its predecessor, then you have come to the right place. Even though it might be under a slightly different name, this so-called canteen (they attributed their name to the fact that they are the Tawau Municipal Hall’s resident canteen) has been around for years. It is run by a Chinese looking Muslim family and has now been passed down to the younger generation to manage.

In terms of food however, I was a bit disappointed to discover recently (as I had a meeting to attend nearby with a colleague so we’d decided to stopped by for breakfast) that the quality has declined throughout the years. The Nasi Kuning Ayam that I’ve ordered for instance, was not as good as I’ve remembered it especially with its condiments being lessened (due to economical reasons perhaps?). The chicken does looked good but lacked the necessary spiciness and 'kick' that a dish like that should have. My colleague tasted their Mee Hoon Sup Ayam and even she said that the dish was nothing special and indistinctive. But I do like their Fried Sardine Roll as the kuih was just superb (it’s neither too greasy nor salty) and with a very generous filling. Definitely worth recommending as a light snack to kick start your mornings.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2016)  

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