Olive Bistro

I felt somewhat lucky the moment I’ve entered this particular bistro one weekend with my partner and had actually managed to snag a seat inside the vicinity. This place is notorious for being fully booked on most weekends that some people came prepared for waiting and even willing to wait inside their vehicles for any available spot. Heck, some people even brought their own chairs just to wait outside of the eatery (no joke, you guys can checked the internet for further proof). We decided to just tried our luck one Sunday (as it was raining a bit and was hoping that other patrons would be discouraged to go out – which was proven somewhat correct) and drove to their place at the single shop lot of Taman Tawau (right in front of the newly opened Sin Onn branch of the Tawau Hospital).

I have heard of them since they were still in their previous spot at Fajar Complex but the crowd almost always hinders me from actually stopping by. And since people have given them fairly rave reviews, my expectation was somewhat high for them. But like any other place with that kind of expectation, something bound to make you unsatisfied. In this case, the food falls flat in my humble opinion. We’d ordered their Mayonnaise Fish Rice (which is exactly what they said it is; sliced fish with mayonnaise – and the taste was mediocre) and their Malaysian Delight Pizza (I had high hopes for this one but again, it is just average for me. It’s borderline tasteless without any sauce being added to said dish). But I’ll give credit to where credit is due, since their Brownies was superbly moist, especially when paired with a scope of yummy vanilla ice-cream.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2016)  

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