Sugar Island

The internet at work has shown its erratic side lately so I’m posting another review back-to-back before it ‘disappears’ on me again. I have always wanted to drop by this particular eatery but time (and sometimes situation) has not been on my side. But a recent banking business has brought me to the Kubota Square commercial area (they’re smack in the middle of said area, right next to the MBSB Tawau office) and while waiting for a particular transaction to transpired, I decided that it is finally time to have a look at what they’re offering.

The main thing that brought my initial attention to the place was their so-called mille crepe cake that everyone seems to be raving about. But what ‘everyone’ did not mention was that in order for you to taste them, you need to be fast since they were completely out of those during my visit (sigh). I was obviously disappointed but nevertheless I’m already there so I decided to make use of my time and try out their other food such as the Nasi Lemak Ayam (a very typical Chinese version of said dish, which was just moderate in taste) and some other munchies like their Banana Cake (a bit on the dry side and hard to chew for some reason) and the equally popular Portuguese Egg Tart (now this one I highly recommend, as the tart was really crumbly and the egg filling was soft and simply delish). Oh and yes, they’re now fully air-conditioned (a plus point since I’ve read some prior reviews about their somewhat stuffy place before this) and I just loved the personal touches that the owner had creatively shown throughout the eatery, such as personal family pictures hanging on the walls and some pretty ornaments neatly displayed on a glass shelve.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2016)  

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