W&Z Cafe

This is another eatery that is relatively near to my home and I’ve frequented throughout the years. I have actually seen this place grew from a less popular joint (due to stiff competition left and right) to its currently more reputable state. And yes, it does prove that patience bears fruit in the end, as they can be considered as one of the preferred choices for food within the Taman Semarak commercial area now (they're on the left side of the split-into-two commercial areas).  

The place is a popular breakfast hangout as they’re among a handful that opened in the wee hours. They provide the usuals such as Nasi Lemak (portion may vary but I just love their spicy and salty sambal) Fried Mee and Fried Bee Hoon (just meh!) with a slew of add on side dishes that includes the tauhu set (not as good as the ones in town) and fried food like sausages and nuggets. Going on to lunch time, they provide a variety of lauk pauk for you to choose from to go with plain rice (yes, I do mean Nasi Campur here) or you can also opt for a tasty Chicken Rice instead. Since business is booming as of late, the eatery has also decided to extend their opening hours to the night time, with several locally popular cook-to-order types of dishes being available. Bear in mind though that their service might be snail paced for some reason during this particular hour. But no worries as you can munch on some grilled chicken wings in the mean time (available at a stall just outside of their premise).   

Now what I’m curious (and bothered) about is how in the world did the owners managed to find grumpy people to help them managed the eatery. I don’t expect them to be overly friendly or anything, just a simple smile or give a proper response to your question is already fine to me. I can understand people being tired from daily chores and all but I’ve seen and encountered these situations all the time so it does concerns me a bit. 

** Current status – Still in operation (as of December 2016)   

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