Puaka Cafe

The tech team at work will be upgrading our internet throughout the rest of December so I’ll only be able to see you guys again sometime next year (fingers crossed!). So before that, I’m squeezing in another review just in case. Proclamations such as “I swear that this is the best grilled burger that I’ve ever tasted in Tawau' is a bold statement to make, especially when the person reading it may know a thing or two about grilled burgers. My partner dabbles with grilled burgers from time to time so when he read such declaration from an FB group, it did more than just pique his interest. It made him very determined to find and try the burger himself (and roping me into it as well). Honestly I would say that it’s a smart ploy coming from the owner (yes, I know a marketing strategy when I see one) but nevertheless it did got our attention (so obviously it worked).  By the way, they're near the Fujimart area and right next door to Gerai Satay Wak Hassan.

We arrived at the reggae sounding, street food inspired Puaka CafĂ© (yes, I did a triple take on its name, which if translated directly means ‘evil spirits’) open air hipster eatery at around 7.00pm, as they’re only open at such time. And it would be advisable for them in the future to mention to their patrons that they’re not 100% up and running during said time since we ended up waiting for our orders for almost 2 hours (I credited my partner’s determination for our ‘patience’). The guy fronting the place (the only guy there at that time) was thoughtful enough to give us complimentary fries while waiting but after such a long wait, we were both expecting a spectacular rendition of their Grilled Beef Burger and Chicken Chop. Unfortunately what came out disappointed us even more. My Chicken Chop order was tender but the sauce lacked any punch and was very bland. My partner’s long awaited Grilled Beef Burger tasted acceptable enough but the patty was not grilled thoroughly (it’s still a bit tough) and it also has a crumbly texture. It’s doubtful for us to be coming back anytime soon but I do recommend you guys to try them yourselves at least once, since the place is actually a good place to chill out and maybe you’ll get a better experience than we did.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of April 2017) 

*** Side note: So sorry for the poor pictures below since that is the best that my low quality camera phone could come up with in an extremely dimmed condition

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