Kedai Kopi Khun Lok - Mongolian Chicken Rice

It actually takes a post from a travel blogger (from Peninsular Malaysia no less) for me to realize what was going on within my own ‘backyard’. A fact that I am semi-ashamed about since it shows that I need to be more vigilant in the future (I’m making that one of my New Year’s resolution). Now what exactly am I talking dramatically about you asked? Well, if you’ve read a previous post that I’ve done before on places that I wished were still open, I did mentioned a particular dish called the Mongolian Chicken Rice. Trust me when I say that it was so well known back then that a famous TV personality named Axian came and went home disappointed because the shop that provided said dish has long been closed and is currently an Indian fabric shop. So when I found out that their stall has somewhat ‘resurfaced’ in a different kedai kopi within the Fajar Complex area (right next to the KWSP office) I wasted no time in getting there.

I admit that I was a bit sceptical when I arrived at said kedai kopi and saw that the people manning the stall were different from before. But since I’m hungry anyway, me and my mom ordered their regular Mongolian Chicken Rice and were thoroughly surprised to find out that the taste was the same as I’ve remembered them (that one of a kind thick and sweet sauce was just lovely). I’ve also tried one of their previously popular sides and my personal favourite, the Chilli Anchovies (a mix of chilli, anchovies and some other stuff – which was again sweet tasting and non spicy at all) and I’m convinced that they’re legit. Well, it’s either that or the original owners had bestowed the secret recipe to their successors. The main point is that I’ve finally had a ‘reunion’ with one of my childhood comfort food and I’m darn happy about it.

Oh and we’d also picked out some dim sum (from a separate stall) specifically their Prawn Siu Mai and Century Egg Siu Mai and both tasted pretty amicable (and with reasonable pricing). But do be warned though that this particular stall do served pork so do ask before taking on their dim sum.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of December 2016)  

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