Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart (KK FoodieVenture #66)

This is officially going to be my last post related to my recent trip to KK (to be continued on a later date of course). Me and my partner were actually heading towards the Chicken Rice Shop for lunch that day when my eyes caught something very interesting and err… yellow to my right. I’m a fan of egg tarts so this is definitely something that I wanted on my palate. And what’s more, they also had the chocolate version on sale so I was more than stoked to give them a try. But since we’re heading for lunch, we only got to stop by the kiosk (located on the lower ground floor of Suria Sabah shopping mall, very close to said chicken rice restaurant) after that (since I do not want to spoil my appetite beforehand) and took home two of said chocolate tarts. Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate the chocolate fillings to be creamy and not ‘solid’ so by the time I decided to munched on them at our hotel, one of the tarts had somewhat melted (hence the unflattering picture below – sorry folks). Thankfully the other one was saveable and I must say that it was delicious and rich, with this mix of buttery and chocolate taste that I loved. But I’ve also learnt my lesson and will definitely consume the tarts straight out the next time I made my pit stop there.   

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