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While there might be tons of modern cafes in a big city like KK; it’s actually quite the opposite when it comes to Tawau. They are far and few between and what’s even rarer was when said café was ran and owned my Muslims, which of course brings us to this place. So if you’re as curious as I am, then hop on to their outlet which is located smack in the middle of Bintang Kubota commercial area (yup, that commercial area right in front of Sin Onn’s Tawau Hospital branch).

Now do not be confuse when you’re driving around the area and happen to spot a pharmacy called Lifestyle Pharmacy instead, as the café is actually right next to them. Or rather, the café occupied around 1/3 of the overall shop (as both the café & pharmacy are own by the same people). The space might be a bit tight but they do provide limited seating areas for patrons to dine in. I was passing by the area one afternoon (on my way to the relatively new Popular Bookstore – yes, Tawau FINALLY has a freaking Popular) and decided to stop by. I’m a chocoholic through and through so I’m usually partial to said flavour when choosing my cakes. Unfortunately when I was there, they only had the plain Chocolate Cake (instead of the usual mousse cake, as I’ve been told) but I’ve decided to just go for them anyway. While it might not be mind blowing, it did taste toothsome and moist nevertheless. I’ve also ordered their Ice Cream Rolls (with personalized choices of chocolate, banana, almond and Chipmore) and I must say that it’s impressive and invigorating. I initially thought that they’ll only put the ingredients on top of the ice-cream but they’d actually mixed up everything before literally rolling them in pretty looking shapes. The result was very good indeed, a pleasant surprise on my part (and not to mention greedy since I’d gone for the big cup instead of the smaller one, but I certainly did not regret it). I’ll definitely drop by next time just to get my fix on said ice-cream. Oh and because I do not want to OD on sugar that day, I’ve decided to washed everything off with a refreshing glass of ice lemon tea. 

** Current status – Has moved to Kubota Sentral (as of Nov 2018)

(Updated on 25/09/2017 - The place has undergone a renovation of sorts so now their cafe is bigger and more spacious than their pharmacy. It's good to note that they're currently serving heavy duty food such as the Thin Crust Italian Style Pepperoni Pizza and Thai's Khao Kluk Kapi dishes that we had. I also couldn't resist trying out their Caramel Cheese Cake and it was definitely rich and creamy tasting)

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