Ochado Suria Sabah (KK FoodieVenture #65)

This particular beverage has actually been on my radar for awhile now (since people kept blogging and commenting on their deliciousness) but I almost always had to give them a pass every time we were within the area (they’re located on the first floor of Suria Sabah shopping mall, in near proximity to another one of my favourites, the Baskin Robbins). It’s usually because I’d eaten some other type of snacks before I was actually anywhere near their kiosk. But during a recent visit to the mall, I was quite determined to finally give them a try (even though I had eaten something else right before that – again!). Me and my partner shared a medium sized Cocoa Milk Tea (because he’d decided to surrendered even earlier than I am when it comes to eating snacks for that day) and although the drink was decent and flavourable enough, it was also not as good as I’d hoped it would be. My taste buds might be a bit ‘compromised’ due to pre-overeating but still I was expecting something that can even precede my full tummy. Or maybe I did not make the right choice when ordering said drink? They do have plenty more choices for me to try later on so the jury is still out on this joint.   

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