Fire Cooking

As we’re entering the fasting month again, my mind (and stomach) are fill with these thoughts on food. And the only way that I could think of to get my mind off of hunger is… to blog about food (that sounds wrong now don’t it?). Just so you guys know, I went to this particular eatery way before the fasting month started so do ignore my slightly drooling reviews all throughout this month.

At first glance, you might be a bit sceptical to set your foot inside this tiny eatery. I mean, it looked so small (it occupied half of a shop, in the same row as New Millennium Food Lounge and Ziremi Delicatessen within the Fajar Complex) and unappealing in terms of first impression that you might decide to forgo this place altogether. But do not be fooled by its interior as their food was quite nice and delectable. A contributing factor to this might have something to do with the main cook being the former employee to another eatery within the area called W&L Fast Food. We recently had their Butter Prawns, Mix Vegetables and Ikan Goreng Kering Bawang Putih (highly recommended) as well as a serving of Salted Fish Fried Rice for myself. All I can say that is that it was one of the most satisfying meals that I’ve had in a while. The price was also considered very cheap (our bill for that particular visit did not even reached RM50) with the yummy food that you’re getting. And mind you, the place is almost always full of customers (and due to limited spaces) so do avoid going there during peak hours. Or else you might end up seating in close proximity to some err… rather unpleasant looking and smelling garbage dumping area nearby.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2017)   

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