Papa's Tarts & Puffs

I did notice this particular pastry shop several times (and in numerous places) when I was visiting KK but never got the chance to try them out yet (it was entirely my fault of course since I was easily blindsided by other, more popular franchises). So I was glad to see that they’d opened a branch at Servay Hypermarket (the one downtown, and they’re situated right next to (or behind it?) the main exit of said hypermarket). You’ll get my confusion once you stop by their tiny branch and see their somewhat semi-hidden location for yourselves. That aside, I have visited the place a couple of times now since my mom is a huge fan of their sweet & savoury goodies. Among the treats that we’d tried out were their Chicken Siew Pau (mom’s favourite and a yummy pastry indeed), Tausa Piang and its Salted Egg version (pretty satisfactory but nothing too distinguish), Chicken Puff (another one of my mom’s favourites, mainly because mom loves the generous filling) and of course, their namesake Egg Tart (it’s not too sweet but the crust was a bit too thick for my liking).  

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2017)

* Chicken Siew Pau

*Tausa Piang

* Egg Tart (like duh!)

* Chicken Puff

* Salted Egg Tausa Piang

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