My Top 5 Go To Malls in KK

Yeah, yeah… I know this post is way overdue. I should’ve post this one right after my not so recent KK trip but man… this affliction known as laziness was just too hard for me to beat these days. So without further ado, this is my personal list of favourite malls in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (in a very particular order of course)…

Pros – Clean free toilet, still has that new vibe going on, a lot of high end/ branded stuff, lots of eateries has also moved here from other malls
Cons – Limited parking autopay machines, security eyeing you suspiciously if you happen to be a bit underdressed or coming in wet (well, at least that’s what happen to me)
Favourite spotsEverrise, Victoria’s Secret, DC Comics Super Heroes, the entire food mecca downstairs

Pros – Spacious walking areas, lots of events being held there (seems to be at least one per week when we were there), a majority of the stores are now occupied (a stark contrast from a few years back)
Cons – Food court can get pretty dirty, long queues to go in or out of the parking space (or is it just our bad luck?)
Favourite spots – City Grocer, Times bookstore, Metrojaya, Sportmart, Baskin Robbins

Pros – Easy navigation throughout the stores, plenty of hotels attached (4 all together), pretty self sufficient despite the distance (has almost everything you want under one roof)
Cons – Their distance from the city centre (but got plenty of public transportations available nearby), expensive parkings especially the ones right outside of the premise
Favourite spots – Padini Concept Store, Parkson, GSC Cinema, Ayam Penyet Ria, Marrybrown

Pros – Affordable goods, plenty of new and upcoming stores, wide selection of gadgets & electronic accessories available
Cons – Mostly non branded stuff, stores come and go rather quickly, lack of cleanliness (but they’re trying to improve in that department)
Favourite spots – Adidas Original store, Growball Cinema, Matahari, Yoyo Cafe

Pros – Lots of old school businesses, affordable goods especially for games & cds, has a wider & unique services such as travelling agencies, reflexology centres, watch repair store, cobblers & tailors under one roof
Cons – The very dated overall look (but then again they are one of the earliest malls in KK), confusing staircases, weird parking spaces
Favourite spots – Mango snack bar, JS Fashion, Tong’s, Just For You

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