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It seems that my mother and I had made a habit of stopping by the Gaya Commercial Centre every so often, especially whenever we’re not in the mood to drive to somewhere even farther to buy things such as Giant Hypermarket. And thankfully, the ever changing food scenery within the area has been alive and kicking with new eateries such as this one. We’d seen several change-up of food establishment throughout the years so hopefully this one will stay for a while.

The Malay owned eatery provides typical local made-to-order dishes, as well as some lauk pauk for lunch. We’d actually dropped by during lunch time but I was not in the mood to try them so I’ve decided to order their Nasi Goreng Lalap Ayam (yes… I’d also notice that for some unknown reason even to me, I usually will end up ordering said dish as my go-to meal) and it’s quite tasty although nothing notable. My mom decided to try their lunch dishes aka Nasi Campur (as seen below) and she said that it’s just so-so. My inner greediness got the best of me yet again, as I’d decided to order a roti canai as well and I must say that the roti is non-greasy and quite crunchy. I just wished that the curry that came with it was as delicious as the latter (it was your average, unappealing curry I’m afraid). But we’ll most probably be back again in the future since the place can be considered (well, at least to me of course) as one of the top choices to eat within the area.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2017)

(Updated on 28/02/2018 - Me and my partner dropped by again recently and had their Nasi Goreng Kampung (for him - to which he said that it was tasty) and Fried Mee Hoon, which was a little undercooked and had given me a somewhat severe diarrhea afterwards. In retrospect, it was partially my fault as well since I'd chosen to eat the dish even though I'd noticed it halfway through. Lesson learnt!)

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