U & Me Cafe

For those of you in the know (or you might have just realized it by yourselves), this increasingly popular hangout place is actually related to that of Siang Siang Noodles & Coffee House. They’re most probably opened by the same owners since their food and beverages were similar to one another. Heck, they even promoted each other’s joint on their respective caf├ęs so obviously that’s also some sort of a sign right? This happening place is strategically located at the corner lot of the Bintang Kubota commercial area, at Jalan Chong Thien Vun (in front of the Tawau Hospital Sin Onn branch).

As I’ve mentioned above, food choices seems to be similar to those available from their Fajar Complex ‘sisterly branch’ but with a few new editions added into the mix. I’d decided to try out one of their promotional meal set (at that time) the Tom Yam Sliced Fish with Fried Rice (plus a lemonade drink) and the sourly taste of said dish just tickles my taste buds. My partner ate their Nasi Goreng Pedas which made him sweat (and literally 'cry') like nobody’s business, plus some Chicken in Thai Sauce. We also shared their Mango Swiss Roll. The cake was okay at best and leaning more towards the sweet side of things. It is also good to note that their pricing was also slightly higher than their Fajar counterpart (maybe due to the rent?). I’m still considering whether or not it is worth it to pay RM5.30 for a glass of regular ice lemon tea though. Can that be considered as profiteering?

** Current status – Has been closed (as of August 2017)

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