Simple Sandwich & Coffee

With the motto ‘Skip the diet, just eat healthy’, this newbie café caught my attention like no other since they’re situated at the heart of the Fajar Complex area (no doubt a prime location in front of the Body Shop store). They pretty much stick out like a sore thumb since the area does not usually houses hipster cafes such as this one. So while waiting for my mom to finish some business in town recently (and with an hour or so to kill), I’ve decided to stopped by the barely 2 months old establishment.

It always amuses me to see people giving me funny looks whenever I entered an eatery and decided to dine in alone (and that happens quite a lot). They will almost always ask me whether or not I wanted to tapau (take away) the food which I guess is understandable. But this is not about me now isn’t it? This café focuses more on breakfast and tea time snacks (as they’re open as early as 7.00am up until 4.00pm only) so I’ve decided on their Ultimate Ham & Cheese sandwich (it’s like eating a condense pizza – which is something that I loved), the Black Sesame cake (I admit that the cake got me curious and it tasted pretty nice and moist, similar to that of a vanilla cake) and wash everything off with a cup of hot chocolate (loving the not-too-rich taste). They do have plans on expanding their menu to include heavier meals such as lunch boxes and all things ‘chop’ in the future but for now, they’re sticking with what they know best.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2017)

(Updated on 18/01/2018 - Stopped by for lunch recently and discovered that they're now offering delectable lunch menus such as the Chicken Aglio Olio Spaghetti & Honey Lemon drink that I had. The food tasted nice but the portion might be on the small side)

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