Restoran Sirga Corner (KK FoodieVenture #74)

Now here’s a place that I’ve literally forgotten, even though it was once a favourite place of mine to dine whenever I felt like having a taste of home (since I’ve studied in KK during my yesteryears). A place more suited to have your breakfast, it features several dishes that were well known to Tawaurians such as the Mee Tauhu set as well as the Nasi Kuning. But it is advisable to stop by sometime around brunch time since it might be challenging for you to get a table in the mornings (which happens frequently especially during weekdays due to the working crowd).

I brought my partner to the eatery during our recent trip to KK and was glad to find a table fit for two available. The eatery seems to have undergone some renovations throughout the years, from a humble shack to a more comfortable and cleaner setting. They’re also located at Jalan Bukit Nenas, on the left side of the road leading into the Kompleks Karamunsing (and right below the Palace Hotel). As I was intrigued by their pre-packed Nasi Lemak (as it was not available during my previous visits) I’ve decided to take them on and they tasted satisfactory. And do not underestimate their size (as I did) since one pack was already a hearty meal for me (or maybe because my stomach cannot muster too much food in the mornings?). My partner opted for their Nasi Kuning Ayam and he is an instant fan of said meal. He said that the sambal was just thick, generous and savoury, a major draw to the food. And it’s no wonder since I’d noticed that almost every table has at least one of those ordered and later finished, squeaking cleaned.  

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