TwinklePan (KK FoodieVenture #76)

After satisfying our craving for sushi at the nearby Sushi King (on the lower ground floor of 1Borneo Hypermall), my tongue was in need of something sweet as we did not have any dessert after our said meal. So as me and my partner were walking just a few paces ahead, we’d come across this particular kiosk that had somehow caught my eyes. A little digging done on the internet showed that this particular brand is actually a franchise of sorts, mostly covering Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. But what caught my attention was the lovely looking brownies being displayed on their display cases. Obviously I had to give them a try and even requested to add the chocolate sauce on top of it (you can also have it sans the sauce or top it off with some ice-cream) and it tasted reasonably sweet and yummy. Not mind-blowing or anything but still pretty good with the gooey ganache on top. My partner was more interested in their cinnamon rolls and decided to try both their original and the chocolate topping version. I took a bite out of both and discovered that it doesn’t seem to impress me that much. Granted, I did not have that much of an experience eating cinnamon rolls before (probably only once or twice, a number of years back) but their product reminded me of the Kurtos Spiroll's kurtos kalacs for some strange reason.

*Brownies with Chocolate Sauce

*Chocolate Cinnamon Roll

*Original Cinnamon Roll

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