Sushi King 1Borneo (KK FoodieVenture #75)

As me and my partner has some errands to do at 1Borneo Hypermall during our short (but frequent) trip to KK, I suddenly got a craving for some sushi so off we went to the Sushi King outlet on the lower ground floor (they're right beside the Chicken Rice Shop if I’m not mistaken). Every branch has a similar setting so it was quite obvious for us to park ourselves right beside their sushi conveyor belt (as seen on our previous trip to their Centre Point branch) as both of us were fans of sushis (or the act of taking a sushi from the belt to be exact – don’t ask me to elaborate on the why though). This time around we took on their Tuna Mayo, Egg Mayo, Tori Karaage, Salmon Mayo, Kani Tobikko and Tsubukko. All of the sushis tasted fresh but vary in terms of tastes. I personally like their Tori Karaage sushi the best as I like the crispy taste of their chicken chunks but not too fond of their Egg Mayo sushi as it tasted weird to me for some reason (the egg might not be mixed well?). Oh and another reason why we loved eating from the conveyor belt was because you can ‘plan’ your meal by taking the sushis according to their given prices (yup, we’re cheap that way - hahaha).

*I think this is the Tuna Mayo sushi...

*the Kani Tobikko...

* the Egg Mayo...

* the Tsubukko (or Tobikko? I can't differentiate them)

* the Tori Karaage...

* and the Salmon Mayo

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