Kedai Kopi Selera

It’s been a number of years since I last dropped by this small establishment since I rarely have business around their location (which was at Jalan Chester, right in the heart of the old Sabindo town and behind the former Pasar Gantung) and for the fact that the area is notorious for being ‘jammed central’ especially during the day. Nevertheless, I found myself within the area one day together with my mom so we decided to finally give them a go. The tiny but air-conditioned Chinese run eatery has definitely stand the test of time and is almost always packed with people so you would think that it was an exceptional place, regardless of their unassuming appearance right?

Well, I personally think that people were packing the kedai kopi due to the aforementioned reasons only since I was less impressed with their food. The place was known for their chap fan (aka the Chinese version of the Nasi Campur) and everything was either very salty or very bland in terms of tastes. I was hoping that after all these years that the taste might improve but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Their pricing has also ‘grown’ exponentially and some items were even not fairly priced. I was given a tiny portion of an omelette (approximately 1/3 of an ordinary sized omelette) that I’ve requested from their display cabinet (meaning that it was pre-cooked no less) and was charge an extra RM3 for it. Let’s just say that it will probably take me another few more years to stop by the eatery again.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of March 2018) 

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