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As I had finished a meeting within the Sabindo Square area one day, I’d come across this new café as I made my way to my car. Like a magnet, I entered the small but warm eatery without any prior knowledge of said place (which was something that rarely happened on my part since I have this habit of Google-ing the hell out of a place before even thinking of stepping into any cafes or restaurants). The commercial area is not a place known for its modern cafes at all so I made a split decision to enter the café( they’re right next to the Century Supermarket and in front of Tawau’s main post office) .  

I was greeted with a much needed air-conditioning and the sweet smell of cookies and pastries that definitely made me think that I’d made the right choice for dropping by. Scanning their display shelves and cute jars neatly lined up on the counter, I was a bit dismayed however when I noticed that there aren’t any cakes available (only for the day I think, since a quick check on their FB page later on proves that they actually serve cakes) but nevertheless decided to try their Chocolate Brownies and a Red Velvet soft cookie together with a glass of ice tea. Both were a little too strong on the sweetness front but I wouldn’t mind eating the brownies again as it was moist and rich in cocoa (even though it might be tiny in size). They also provide several hearty meals on the side so I’ve decided upon their Nasi Lemak Ayam, which was unfortunately not as remarkable as their pastries. Everything on the plate tasted just average for me. But hey, they’re still new to this so maybe with time the food might get better and eventually attracted more customers to their eatery.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of August 2018)

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