Ultimate Al Nur Cafe

Another ‘fish only’ eatery has popped up within the Fajar Complex area (they’re also right in front of the Secret Recipe), right around the corner to its main rival (the Ikan Bakar TNT restaurant). Curiously though, the place only has one way of cooking said protein, which is by way of grilling. So if you wanted your fish to be prepared any other way, then I suggest that you visit the other eatery instead. But what the other place lacks, this place certainly covers for it especially in terms of the variety of fish available and a more affordable pricing.

I did mentioned before that I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to fish so I can’t specifically tell you what type of fish we had (because I’d conveniently left that choice entirely up to my parents). But what I can tell you is that the fish was somewhat fresh and has been grilled thoroughly. And the sambal that accompanied the latter was definitely on the hot and spicy side. Some patrons had commented on the deliciousness of said sambal but I don’t think I shared their enthusiasm as I personally find it to be lacking in terms of flavour. It was all hot but without any real taste in it. Your order of fish usually comes with white rice and vegetable soup as a set so no worries on whether or not you need to order them separately.   

** Current status – Has been closed (as of Nov 2018) 

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