Crepe Express (KK FoodieVenture #93)

Due to our seemingly endless business throughout the day, we’d only managed to walk to Centre Point shopping mall during our last night in KK. And since we had an early dinner, I thought that I would like something sweet and ahem.. ‘chocolate-y’ to munch on. That is why I decided to buy my all-time favourite the Chocolate Chip Waffle with a chocolate filling from this particular booth (they’re on the lower ground floor, right in front of the Multibake bakery). Man, eating the snack really brings me back to when I was still studying in KK, as I’d never miss a chance to dropped by and try out their selection of munchies (you know, with my very limited student budget and all). I just love the fluffy texture of the waffle and the oozing chocolate filling inside. My partner tried out their more savoury offering, which was the Beef & Cheese Crepe and he thought that it was okay only. Oh and since we’re eating our food on-the-go, I initially forgot to take some pictures of my waffle and totally missed out in taking any of my partner’s food as he ate the thing like a champion speed eater.

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