Dunkin' Donuts KKIA (KKFoodieVenture #94)

As we’re making our way back after a very short time in KK, I can’t help but be drawn to take away some of these babies home. Personally, I prefer the donuts from this American originated franchise better than its main rival. So when I spotted them near to the Airasia Self Check In machine (at the main departure area on the upper floor of KKIA), I wasted no time in ordering some Nutty Choc, Black Forest, Croc Frost, Boston Cream and Double Chocolate Heart respectively. Well, one would never have guess which flavour is my favourite just by looking at my choices of donuts right (wink wink)? I really love their Double Chocolate Heart (for obvious reasons) but I was a bit taken aback with the Boston Cream as it has this clear, gooey filling that I don’t really fancy (and I had no idea what it was too). But if you have miss out their stall, do not fret since they also have another (and not to mention bigger) shop on the ground floor level of the departure area (near to departure gate A10 if I’m not mistaken).

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