Tomyam House

Coincidentally, another eatery that I would like to introduce to you guys also happens to be located within the Kubota Sentral commercial area (and is right at the backside of the bakery that I've previously posted). I was half expecting this place to be a Malay based eatery (due to the ‘tomyam’ part) but was pleasantly surprised that it was actually owned & managed by a Chinese man (which triggered my interest even more).

Unfortunately, I have yet to try out their namesake dish (since no one within my family shared my love for tomyam) so during our visit, we decided upon their Claypot Tauhu, Kam Hiong Fish Slices, Ginger Fish Slices and Stir Fried Mix-Vegetables instead, together with some Salted Egg Fried Rice and Fish Sauced Fried Mee Hoon (yup, there seems to be a theme to our orders that day). My personal favourite has got to be their Kam Hiong Fish Slices as it has a surprisingly spicy taste to it, coupled with a slightly sweet taste and the drier version to what I’m used to. The fried rice was also commendable since they did put a generous amount of salted eggs in it. Overall, it was a satisfying early dinner for us and we’ll probably be coming back in the near future.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of Nov 2018) 

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