Cafe 3 Puteri Fajar

Honestly I have no idea whether this place is the same eatery that had formerly opened at Eastern Plaza (due to their identical names) but what I can say for certain was that the owner seems to be a different person altogether (or a relative maybe?). Me and my mum had been driving passed them often at Fajar Complex (they’re right in front of Ikan Goreng TNT) so we decided to finally try them out for lunch one day.

We did note that the menu was somewhat similar to that of its namesake so we decided upon their Nasi Goreng Ayam Penyet (since they seem to be promoting them quite a bit within the cafe) and Nasi Sayur Campur (obviously my mom’s choice). All I can say is that the former came out looking nothing like the ones that I had in Eastern Plaza (or did I just remember them wrongly?). Still, the dish has its own merit and was delicious. But I do wish that they added more of that tasty ‘rempah’ on top of the succulent chicken though. My mom was satisfied with her go to dish but commented that it was so-so at best in terms of taste.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of April 2019) 

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