Backyard Vacay: L.A Hotel

So here we are again with my 'seasonal' backyard vacation. This time around I'm staying at L.A Hotel (which stands for Lai Alliance Hotel, not that other famous city in the US) which is situated Jalan St. Patrick (aka right next to the St. Patrick's Church in town). It's actually tucked away from view by a line of shops but then again, you can still see the top part of the hotel from afar so no problems in finding it.

I've always had my eyes on this particular hotel cause believe it or not, this is one of the few hotels that had eluded me ever since I began my quest for my very own backyard vacay several years back. It's mainly because that it is relatively new in town and (also I think because of that) it's pretty hard to booked a room with them since it's almost always full on the weekends. But with my ever persistence (and I'm damn proud of it), I've finally manage to reserve a Standard Room with them this past weekend.

So here's the lowdown. I've manage to booked myself their cheapest (cause honestly I think it's a tad expensive for a 3 star hotel) room available which is the Standard Room and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with the money I've spent. Obviously since it's only been opened in the recent years, the room is still in its mint condition. It might be a little small in terms of size (but hey, it is a Standard right?) but it has a modern and at the same time a cozy feel about it that I like. And another plus for the room? They at least had a decent view, even for a Standard Room (cause normally when you booked Standards, it pretty much means no windows). The amenities are also well-equipped (thank God their hair-dryer works) and the tiles in the showers are the non-slippery type. All in all I'd say that I enjoyed myself during my weekend break there. I've also visited their rooftop lounge (more on that in my next entry) which I've heard is the place to hang out these days (and for a good reason too). They also had a spa somewhere in the building and another bistro & bar just in front of the hotel. The staff is pretty okay (kudos to the rooftop lounge ones) but there's always that certain receptionist who for some reason looked down on you during check-ins (mine's actually happen during check-out) just cause I'm obviously not the out-of-town patrons. Sigh.

And if you don't have your own vehicle and is not too keen on walking around, then I think you should find another hotel. Fajar Complex is actually not that far from the hotel but you really need to work out some sweat in doing so. But if you're main goal is having a relaxing time (a bit) outside of the main attractions, then this hotel is the one for you. There's a pretty good source of food and mini mart available on the single row shops right next to the hotel that you can fill up you bellies with and purchase your basic daily needs.

So for my personal tastes, I would say...

Type - Standard Room
Room - 4/5 (loved the fact that they had a proper view)
Price - 3/5 (average actually but can be consider pricey for budget-hunting patrons)
Service - 3/5 (again quite okay but with a minor problem with said receptionist)
Decor - 4/5 (loving everything, most probably because it's still new)
Facilities - 4/5 (quite good - see above review to read about their facilities)
Location - 3/5 (if you want a quieter place then this is for you!)

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