Indo Taste 2 Fajar

Yeah yeah I know... You'll probably say 'here we go again' just by reading the title above. And in some parts of it, you're probably right. This is yet another one of those 'indo cafes' that I've mention (several times) in my previous posts. But for me, this is the grand-daddy of all those 'indo cafes' in Tawau. Sure, it might not be the first one there is (we'll get to that in my future post) but to me, this one is it man!

The one that you see below is actually their new branch (just recently opened at Fajar Complex, in the same row of shops as State Pets and Maxis office) but their original one is at Perdana Jaya, near to Giant Hypermarket. But what's so good about this place anyway? Well, for one their flavours for their Indonesian food (obviously) are fantastic. I have a friend from work who swears that she's not going to bring her family to any other place other than this one. No joke! So that's got to say something about the food right? If you look below, you'll see my dad's choice, the classic Nasi Ayam Penyet which taste as good as it looks. Then there's my mom's usual favourite Mix Vegetables Rice and Sweet & Sour Fish Rice (which she's really happy with) and then there's my Nasi Racik Sate Bakar and Nasi something Ayam Pandan (newly added to their long list of 'hard-to-pronounce-and-you'll-probably-end-up-asking-what-the-heck-it-is-from-the-waiters' meals, with the latter I can't even remember!). Really, this is as authentic as it can get for Indonesian food. I've also tried their Nasi Uduk Daging Rendang and Nasi Ayam Rica-Rica (I know, I'm amused just by typing the names of the food) and the tastes were superb. Although depending on the day, sometimes the food can be a bit spicier (according to my mom but I personally think it's fine) or salty (and this is coming from someone who craves salty stuff) but hey, I'm willing to looked past the 'minor details' (that potentially can give me a heart attack) because most of the time it's quite satisfying.

The overall decor looked and feel really cosy which I really appreciate since their counterpart at Perdana Jaya is more towards the usual cafe, no air-conditioner look. Although the waitresses looked as if they would loved to do nothing else other than sitting around, they at least made sure that they already have your orders and delivered the food when it's finally prepared.

** Current status - Has been closed (as of September 2016)

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