Ayam Penyet Ria (KK FoodieVenture #17)

I've said it before that (my previous post) is my last foodie review on a franchise restaurant while I was in KK. And now I'm gonna officially eat my own words because it seems that I actually forgot a few franchises on my KK trip list. Sorry folks! So here we go again, and this time with an Indonesian food franchise called Ayam Penyet Ria.

Honestly, it took me just recently to realize that this joint is a part of an Asian based franchise. Although I do wish that we had it in Tawau, I'm still happy to sample the food whenever I'm in KK. If you're looking for this place, make sure that you go to 1Borneo hypermall and stroll down to the LG floor, and don't worry cause you'll definitely see it (especially if you take the first escalator you see coming from the main front entrance).

So while me and my dear partner was there recently, we'd ordered a few of their staple foods (the place is semi-self service though - they give you the menu and after checking your desired orders, you need to bring the list and pay at the counter before they're able to process your order). We'd ordered their Bakso Penyet (a very unique take on the bakso I'm used to - and I actually loved it), Ayam Penyet (delicious as well) and their rendition of a sate dish (a little on the salty side but I still like it) as well as gado-gado (yummylicious).

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