The Klagan Hotel Lounge (KK FoodieVenture #15)

While we're still on the subject that is the Klagan Hotel, I would also like to introduce to you their (somewhat) newly (re)opened Lounge Cafe. Now when I was staying at the hotel about a year ago, their lounge area is still pretty bare so I'm pretty glad to see that it's up and running now. It's on the ground floor of the hotel, visible on your left side as soon as you entered the hotel's main entrance.

I was mainly attracted to their selection of pastries being displayed inside a glass cabinet (because it's hard to ignore their delicious looking pastries when it is promptly displayed right next to their entrance door) and decided one day to have a little taste of them. I've picked up their Turkey Ham Sandwich (which was very tasty despite the plain look) and their Chocolate Muffin (personally I'm a bit underwhelmed but the muffin itself was pretty moist). There's also other selection of pastries and fresh breads available on the counter and judging by their breakfast pastries and breads (which I assumed are from the same pastry chef), it's pretty good as well.

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