Wanyan Rooftop Cafe (KK FoodieVenture #14)

It's fortunate for us that when we checked into The Klagan Hotel, we were also given free breakfasts for our stay there. So here I am, putting up review on their food.

The cafe is situated on the rooftop of the hotel, and to actually get there, you do need to take the lifts to the 10th floor before continuing your journey on a flight of stairs visible to your right. Overall, I'm actually impressed with the variety of main breakfast dishes as well as several desserts while staying there for a week (as oppose to their previous selection a year back which was average at best). Everyday we were given a choice of different types of local and westernized breakfast, and I'm really happy with that arrangement. And I'm also happy to report that the quality of the dishes were also above average (not great or anything but still very satisfying). You guys can look through the pictures below to see the variety of breakfast that we had throughout the week.

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