Anjung Senja Waterfront Food Stalls (KK FoodieVenture #39)

Now I know that I’ve reviewed a seafood stall from the same area during my previous visit to KK, so here I have some more new reviews of other stalls that are also available within the area. The food area was just right in front of our hotel at that time (while we’re staying at the Promenade Hotel KK) so it’s a given that me and my partner had frequented the place. Mind you, there’re also other food joints at the other side of the esplanade which caters more towards those that preferred something a tad pricey so do keep that in mind okay.

One of the stall that we’ve tried was called the One Western CafĂ© (which was a little misleading since they actually sold both local and Western food) and their Nasi Goreng were pretty delicious. They also provide fresh seafood for you to choose and had them prepared it according to your preferences. On another day, we’d also stopped by the Senja Nan Merah stall (yup, they’re getting creative with names here) which also provides local dishes. Although taste wise, the food here might be better than the previous one, but in terms of service, they might need to take some cues from the latter, since the waitress was initially too lazy to take up our orders. Another stall I had my eyes on for quite sometime was the Sate Kajang Station stall. I mean, by right ‘sate kajang’ was pretty famous, even here in Sabah so I was eager to try them. It might not be as spectacular as I’ve hoped it would be (I don’t know, maybe the peanut sauce was not up to par?) but it’s still pretty good.

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