First Beach Tanjung Aru Food Stalls (KK FoodieVenture #40)

The hawker like food court in the First Beach Tanjung Aru, KK has been known for its wide range of stalls, particularly grilled food, light snacks (such as pickled products) as well as a full on choices of local meals. And it is also a good place to relax while watching the sunset right at the beach. And if you’re one that values some peace and quiet, than I do not recommend you to go there during the weekends since it will be packed with people. I initially forgot to take some pictures of the place when we were there the last time but luckily this time around I’m all prepared. We were there during the weekdays and since it was also raining a bit, there aren’t as many people there as we’ve expected it to be. We picked out a stall nearest to the entrance and ordered a Nasi Goreng Kampung (which tasted very nice) as well as some grilled chicken wings and sates from another stall (the sauces was just lovely). Bare in mind though that the seating area was not as ‘free seating’ as it was suppose to be, since the nearest stall to your seat will pretty much ‘lay claim’ on you as soon as you’re seated within their area (with the exception of the grilled food stalls).

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