Hot Platter Restaurant & Catering

This relatively new place somewhere within the Fajar Commercial Complex has caught my eyes for a few reasons, and one of those was the fact that it’s right below my dad’s office. I have been visiting the place for a couple of times now and I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the food at the restaurant. For example, during our very recent visit with a family friend, we decided to tried out their Vegetable Soup (very nice fragrance), with individual choices such as their Nasi Ayam Penyet (I personally recommend you guys to try this dish), Nasi Goreng USA (my dad loved it), Nasi Sayur Campur (an obvious choice for my mom) and Nasi Udang Sambal (I think that’s what it’s called – which according to the friend tasted pretty smashing). I also loved the fact that the restaurant also provided a place to sit ‘bersila’ style at a corner but it does made the place looked slightly smaller.

** Current status - Has been closed (as of June 2017)

Updated on 02/11/2016 - During our recent visit, we tried out their Mee Kari (recommended to those that loved spicy food), Nasi Lalap Udang, Mee Goreng Ayam Krispi (so-so in taste, with the noodles being on the oily side) and Chicken Chop 

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