A-Mart Bakery Ingredients Supplies

Yes, I can verify that there are no typing errors for the above title. Although technically this is not an eatery, they do provide anything and everything that you could possibly need for baking purposes, as well as organizing monthly pastry making classes for those interested. And most importantly, I think because it is a Mecca for baking goods, they also sell a variety of pastries (freshly made in-house of course) such as Tau Sa Piang, Curry Puff, Portuguese Tarts, Mushroom Pie and Chicken Pie. This automatically qualifies it for my foodie review (yup, my standards are pretty low huh?). The one that I’ve frequented is their branch at Taman Semarak (right next door to the W&Z Cafe) but their main store is actually at Kompleks Pertama (or more widely known as Takada by Tawaurians).

So I do not have much to comment about the store itself but in terms of their pastries, I reckon that they have one of the best places (in my modest opinion of course) to get such savoury delights. My personal favourite has got to be their Chicken Pie (the filling was sweet and succulent) and their Curry Puff (love the non spicy & tasty filling – unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it). My least favourite however might be their Mushroom Pie since the filling was little compared to the latter and the taste was unappetizing, almost to the point of being bland.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of March 2017) 

* Chicken Pie
* Mushroom Pie

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