Street Cafe Obese City

Be honest now guys. The name of place does tickles your fancy now, doesn’t it? I was brought to the open-aired eatery by my partner since he’d noticed the place every time he passes by the area to go to work. The stall is actually within the Arena Belia Tawau (right at the opposite side of the Tawau General Hospital) and as of now, the only stall there is inside that compound. That also means that they do have an ample parking space, just in case you’re worried about that.

We’d actually arrived close to 7.00pm and was a bit taken aback when we were told that some of the items within their (limited) menu weren’t available because they hadn’t prepared the ingredients yet. It was to my understanding that people usually prepared their ingredients ahead of time, before you decided to officially open for business for the day right? So we’d no choice but to go for what was available, which were their Nasi Goreng Marvellous and Nasi Goreng Fried Chicken Marvellous (and I’m not just making those names up either). Both fried rice dishes were disappointingly below average and unappetizing in tastes. We so wanted to try out their western food selections but alas that was not meant to be (and I’m not sure whether I’ll be coming back any time soon specifically for them). But we did shared a plate of their Roti John Ayam and we had a better experience with said snack (although I personally think that they should tone down the overflowing mayonnaise a bit as it totally overwhelmed the dish). 

** Current status – Has been closed. Although they seem to be operating via COD right now so do check out their FB page (as of June 2017)   

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