Indo-Taste Restaurant

You know when people called their eatery ‘indo something’ but the food turned out to be only around 10% related to anything from Indonesia (yup, I’m looking at you Indo Cafe and Indocorner)? Well, if you’re expecting that here than I’m afraid I have to disappoint you guys. For a true taste (okay, so I’ve never been to the actual country myself but I’ll just assume that what we have here is at least similar to those from their mother land) of Indonesian food, you can head on to Perdana Jaya commercial area (right behind the Giant Hypermarket) to try for yourselves. And no, I’m not talking about your average Buginese dishes here either (which can already be counted as typical local food here in Tawau).

We’d actually patroned the place for years now and it was only recently that I’d realized that I haven’t reviewed them (my bad indeed). When me and my partner were there recently, we’d tried out their Nasi Racik Sate Bakar (the name alone already got you curious right?) and I just loved it. The chicken skewers might be in need of a toning down in terms of saltiness but everything else was very yummy. My partner decided that he’s not in the mood for their Indo selection and opted for the more conventional Nasi Ayam Blackpepper (I might get the name wrong here folks) and he said that it’s a flavoursome and appetizing dish as well. And yes, they’d previously opened a branch at the Fajar Complex area but have since closed that one down due to stiff competition from other eateries within said area. 

** Current status – Still in operation (as of March 2017)   

(Updated on 28/03/2018 - Here are some newer pictures of their food when we'd visited them recently. We had their Nasi Ayam Bakar Rica-Rica and Mix-Vegetable Rice and both were finger-licking good)

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