Kampis Cafe House

Before you guys even ask, let me just be clear that the word Kampis comes from the name of the owner’s residential area, which is called Kampung Pisang (KAMpung PISang, get it?). Don’t believe me? Then you can come down and ask them for yourselves at the Fajar Complex area. They’re right in front of the Upgrade Hamburger & Coffee and the Nationwide Express courier service head office.

Their food (which consists of mainly Indonesian originated and locally popular dishes) sparked my curiosity the moment I first got through their menu. I was very tempted to try out their Nasi Bebek Penyet (it’s duck rice to those unfamiliar with the term) but chickened out (get it?) at the last minute and changed my mind to the more common Nasi Ayam Rica-Rica (very similar to that of Nasi Ayam Penyet – but with a really sweet & spicy sambal) instead. Apparently, I’m not as adventurous as I initially thought I was (oh well…). My parents meanwhile ordered their Taugeh Ikan Masin and Nasi Ikan Boulu respectively (yup, those boneless milk fish has grown tremendously in terms of popularity here in Tawau) and both agreed that the dish might be even more delicious should they put aside the lime instead of pre-squeezing them on top of said fish (since it got overwhelmingly sour – according to them of course). My dad (who’s also a regular patron of the place) has also ordered their in-house specialty which is the Pisang Toron (technically a banana spring roll) as it was his favourite. Unfortunately I don’t think I’d shared my dad’s taste buds since I thought that the light snack was greasy and (again) too sweet for my liking. Funnily, we found ourselves there again a few days later because my dad was craving for another one of their dish which is the Nasi Payau Masak Kicap (my dad seems to develop a liking for sweet stuff recently) while my mom and I tried out their Kangkung Masak Belacan and Nasi Lalap Ayam (my previous comment does apply here as well) for our ‘round two’.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of October 2018) 

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