Bintang Food Court

Seriously, if I did not decide to make a shortcut upon entering the newly opened Kubota Sentral commercial area via the backside road of Bintang Kubota (which is exactly where this restaurant is) I would have never notice that the eatery was there. Location plays an important role within the budding commercial area, as seen and proven by previous tenants with similar situation before. It is especially a concern since the restaurant was bold enough not only to take on the rather secluded area, but also rented 3 shop lots at one go. Let us hope that the restaurant will survive and continue to stay open for many years to come.

My mom (being Chinese) is always enthusiastic when it comes to finding and patronizing a Chinese restaurant so we made our way there one evening and ordered some of their individual sized dishes which includes the Thai Chicken Rice and Mix Vegetables Rice. We were satisfied with their food on our first trip that we’d decided to drop by again the following weekend. During our second time there, we were both a bit hungry and had ordered a couple of their main dishes such as the Onion Chicken, Kangkung Belacan and Sliced Fish with Ginger and all of the dishes were nicely done. It wasn’t a total home run for me but nevertheless the dishes were still pretty scrumptious. It’s also good to note that they do have an array of snacks such as buns and pastries available should you have the urge to munch on something light (courtesy of Kurtos Spiroll no less).

** Current status – Has been reopened (as of Sept 2018) 

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