Signature By The Licious Beverages

Man, I’m just so happy that Tawau is finally catching up with other more established districts in terms of modern cafes. And like a moth to a flame, I was quickly drawn to this classy looking café ever since they’d first put out their signage (and I’m not even kidding folks). They’re located within the Bintang Kubota Commercial Centre, right beside its immediate rival, the Cakes & Co café (way to stir up some competition there huh?).

Like any other modern cafes, they mainly serve anything that has got to do with coffees as well as some staple western dishes and light snacks. As I was there alone during my maiden visit, I’ve decided to try out their Chicken Pasta and a Belgian Chocolate Cake. And because they did not really specify which type of ‘pasta’ that I will be getting (and they did not ask as well), I was crossing my fingers that they did not give me a carbonara dish (since I’m not a fan of the sauce). Fortunately my prayers had been answered and what came out was a bolognese linguine dish with finely shredded chicken. May I just say that I absolutely love the dish even though the portioning might be on the smaller side. Their cake was moist enough and definitely tasted decadent especially when they’d drizzled a generous amount of ganache plus some caramel sauce on top (a bit of an overkill in terms of sweetness but I’m all in when it comes to anything chocolate). But for a place that prided itself on their coffee, I (personally) found their Mocha Latte to be a bit lacklustre.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2017) 

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