Restoran Rahmat Taman Univilla

Please don’t mind my very Jalan Utara-Sin Onn centred reviews as of late, since I did mentioned before that I lived nearby right? I was hoping to do more reviews on ‘out-of-my-reach’ areas such as Jalan Apas & Balung but the distance can really be discouraging sometimes. But hey, you’ll never know what the future might bring so fingers crossed people! So for now, I’m reviewing a place that is closer to home, which is situated at the single row shop within the Taman Univilla area (and just a few feet from Restoran Maskur 4).

Me and my parents were at the Indian Muslim eatery early in the evening so we decided to stick to whatever that were available and had their Nasi Campur (for my mom, and she said that the taste was acceptable), Nasi Briyani (I opted for their Ayam Masak Kicap instead of its usual pairing and it was surprisingly yummy – tasted sweet and succulent). My dad was not in the mood for anything heavy, so he’d gone for their Roti Canai. Nothing too spectacular but still pretty good according to him. There are also a number of stalls available right at the backside of the restaurant (a good place to hang out especially at night) and one particular stall that stands out is a burger joint called Crayyon Burger. As you can imagine from their name, they sell burgers with ‘unique’ colouring such as bright red, pink and green (according to the crayon colours I presume). I did not have the chance to try them out yet but I will let you guys know the verdict as soon as I did okay.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2017)

(Updated on 16/11/2017 - I've recently stopped by the eatery again. This time I made a point of trying the Crayyon Burgers and tastewise, both were commendable)

**Crayyon Beef burger (left) and Crayyon Special Chicken burger (right)

**A close-up of the Crayyon Special Chicken burger

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