Moko Cafe

The Korean pop phenomenon has not shown any signs of waning anytime soon and that effect can also be seen in this small town of ours. And although this might hold true for their endless stream of music and dramas, their food however is a whole different story all together. As far as I know, there is only one Korean restaurant (or at least a fusion one at best) available in Tawau before this so I was pretty excited to discover this eatery from the local social media. The Moko CafĂ© is located within the Ba Zhong commercial area, right next to another eatery called Wakaf Thai Tomyam

Me and my partner arrived at said place on a rainy evening so we were the only ones there at that time. So it was a bit irritating when we had to waive like some starving third world country people to get their attention. Do note that the preparation for our food took equally as long so patience is definitely a virtue while you are dining here. I was hoping to show you guys some of their (more authentic) Korean food but my initial choices were unfortunately unavailable. So I ended up ordering their Gimbap (surprisingly very bland and the portioning for their fillings were quite small) and their Spicy Ramyeon (very ‘maggi goreng’ with a very high spice level so I do not recommend this dish to those that cannot take the heat). My partner was not really a fan of Korean food (he was mainly there because I dragged him with me – hehehe) so he’d opted for their Nasi Ayam Pangkep (which turned out to be a version of ‘nasi lalap’ but with an acceptable tasting sambal). I admit that I was a bit disappointed, probably because I was hyped up by their online promos. But it’s good to see that the variety of their Korean food is slightly more extensive than its nearest rival, so you can get your fix of those Tteokbokki, Kimchi, Jjajangmyeon and Bibimbap at affordable rates. They also provide Indonesian and Malaysian dishes should you’re just tagging along for the ride just like my ever patient partner.

(p/s: Just found out that the ramyeon that I've eaten was actually 'the spicy Korean noodles' that people seems to be daring one another to try & all I can say is that the only reason why I could finished mine was because I kept thinking that the food ain't cheap so I better get my money's worth; even if it made me sweat & cry like nobody's business)

** Current status – Still in operation (as of November 2017)

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