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While we’re on the subject of new eateries that had mushroomed within the Fajar Complex area in the space of a few months, here’s another one that can be considered as the baby of the bunch. Now it is forgivable should you think that the modern looking cafĂ© only serve noodles (as I initially did). But I was glad to discover that they also had non-noodles dishes within their menu, such as rice based dishes and some light snacks. They can also be proud of their selection of beverages that includes western, Chinese and locally popular coffees and teas. By the way, they're right across the Perdana Club and visible from the Kingston Hotel.

Me and my mom made our maiden visit about 2 weeks ago as I had some errands to do nearby. Admittedly I was a bit confuse with their intricate looking menu but I managed to get the hang of it after a while (it was actually pretty simple if you follow the direction of the menu – silly me!) and had ordered their Nasi Ayam Bakar (the chicken was crispy) and the Wantan Mee Hoon in Soto Soup. My mom was thoroughly satisfied with her meal that she insisted that we come back a few days later. This time we had their Fried Fish Fillet Mee Hoon in Pure Tomato Soup (which I loved as it was not overly sour and the fillets doesn’t have that fishy smell that I dislike) as well as their Ayam Berempah Rice (again, my mom is a happy customer). I like the pick-and-match concept that they had with their soupy dishes as you can try out a variety of noodles and ingredients with different flavours of soups.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of May 2018) 

(Updated on 12/09/2018 - My mom had this Braised Chicken with White Noodles (a new item on their menu) recently and she was satisfied with its big portioning and well-seasoned chicken)

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